to Mona Fire Research Group (MFRG)

This website describes the work of the research group at the University of the West Indies, Mona on post fire analysis. Our main theme has been to progress our understanding of fundamental changes to materials following fire exposure for forensic analysis. Our mission has recently been extended to assessing the integrity of structures by developing measuring tools for remote operations, which has significant implications for firefighter and investigator safety



A multidisciplinary group engaged in studying the science of fires. Our research explores the fundamental concepts compartment fire dynamics and modelling, material behavior/characterization in fire compartments, fire and firefighter safety and fire debris analysis. Its members are diverse and include specializations in analytical chemistry, physics, material science, forensic science, optics, and occupational health and Safety. For analysis we rely on several characterization and analytical techniques to improve our understanding of fires and to develop new tools.

The group has conducted research in forensic tool development for analysis and modelling of fire scenes. MFRG is also concerned with the development of fire safety tool, structural analysis post-fire and deliveringtraining for firefighters and police officers. The group is located in the Department of Physics, University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona and has several local and international collaborators

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